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JACOB - Modular Pipework Systems

FOOD-GRADE-_image1JACOB is the No.1 for modular pipework systems in Europe. Conveying pipe systems for bulk good handling and dust extraction as well as ventilation plants for environmental techniques are the two large scopes for JACOB pipe systems.

A simple and fast assembly, innovative developments and high quality standards guarantee the leading position of JACOB within all industries requiring metal pipework in manufacturing processes. Customers are from the food industry, e.g. coffee, cocoa, chocolate, tobacco, sugar, the grain processing, the chemical, pharmaceutical and plastic industry, the car industry, feed mills, the chip industry, machinery, the paper industry or also the industry for building materials.

  • Europe`s largest warehouse of this kind – with more than 5,600 square meters – guarantees fastest availability of all standard items.
  • More than 5000 different items, worth € 5 million, are always available.
  • Fast production, right from our semi-finished products store.
  • Serial production with fully automatic laser welding systems
  • Powder coating plant with quality standard electrostatic conductive + FDA approval
  • Serial production with most modern and precise, self-developed tool